Friday, October 31, 2014

Life and Death of a Bridge

I really enjoyed this beautiful video about the struggle in Los Angeles to save our past.  Directed and edited by my lifelong friend Derrick Deblasis, I’d like to think his Tom Explores Los Angeles series is beginning to build a culture around appreciating our history -- at long last.


  1. This is really good filmmaking. Thank you, Tom and Tim.

  2. Yeah, my buddy Derrick is pretty talented. Have you seen the Arroyo River Parks video he made for ASF, Petrea?

  3. I may have. Did Derrick shoot this as well as edit and direct it? I mean, besides that fact that the subject is compelling and the interviews are engaging, it is beautiful to watch, so well shot.

    1. Yes, he did shoot it. The Arroyo River Parks video he made for us was just released a couple of days ago. Derrick did an amazing job. Hope you'll share it with others!