Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Essential Ohsawa

I have recently been reading a compilation of the writings of George Ohsawa, the great scholar, healer, educator and philosopher who founded the modern macrobiotic movement.  I found the following exert to be extremely profound, and yet surprisingly commonsensical:

“I believe that illness is the crystallization of an error in our judgement, the tangible sign of a lack of natural orderliness in our lives.  In allowing this condition to arise, either through poor thinking, ignorance, or apathy, we have done something wrong.  To be healthy again, we must make a change - we must do something right.  We must re-establish the orderly kind of existence that underlies and guarantees health.

By macrobiotic living, you undertake the rewarding task of putting your life in order, starting from its most basic point - eating and drinking.  Righteous food is the materialization of God.  God is revealed to us in it and by means of it.  Our body - converted food - thus constitutes a speck of God himself.  The very reason that we can even live in this universe is that we are a speck of Him.  And the reason that this speck becomes sick or unhappy is that it forgets its origin; it loses sight of the totality of which it is a minute part.

If we know God or wholeness and at the same time are deeply aware of our own personal “speckness,” we cannot avoid being beautiful, healthy, wise, and happy.  To realize this and then to live with that realization as our motivation is macrobiotic living.”

Ohsawa defined “God” broadly, using the word interchangeably with nature, truth, or the whole.  The chief importance of the term is to illustrate that we all share a common origin in nature, or the universe.  Ohsawa recognized an order in nature which could be applied universally.  As Essential Ohsawa states in its End Note:

"George Ohsawa believed beyond the shadow of a doubt that he had found, and was teaching to others, the key to the kingdom of heaven - a practical way to understand the Order of the Universe and one’s place in that order.  In the face of such incredible truth, all problems such as pain, suffering, anxiety, fear, and sickness melt into their opposites and a life with real joy results.”

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